Acerca de Restaurante los Chopos

Open every day apart from all day Monday and Sunday afternoon.

Our History

The Restaurante Los Chopos started in the mid 1960s when Deogracias and María bought the property in what was once the outskirts of Valladolid, and what today is now a part of the city. It started as a small bar, and as the years went by, construction started on what would become a new bar with a restaurant area, kitchen and underground wine cellar. Within no time, it had developed a reputation for excellent food and service, always catering to the needs of every customer. Popular dishes included seasonal delicacies such as native crayfish (sadly now extinct), game and homemade stews, and of course, cured meats, Flor de Esgueva cheese and Iberian cured ham. Some of these dishes remain on the menu today. In the 80s, an outside terrace was added. It is such a pleasure to eat outdoors, weather permitting, and this has been one of the most important factors in making us the restaurant that we are today.